Exotic Hotel Escape 2 Game

Exotic Hotel Escape 2

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This UK trip is supposed to be one of your most memorable trip ever. Before your departure, you keep on repeating in your mind how much you want this trip to be unforgettable. And your thoughts have finally materialized. You're actually having a very memorable time inside a hotel where you can't get out. At first you're thinking it would be very amazing to stay there for a long time. But now that you're trapped, you're thinking of the shortest possible time of staying here. It's not that it's not beautiful. The place is actually breathtaking. However, you can't trade your freedom with all its beauty. No matter how glitzy and high class a place is, if you're not able to leave, it loses its significance. So with all your remaining strength, you search for your way out into your reality.

The one thing that triggered all these entrapment is the mysterious bell boy who knocked on your door. He just stood there and then left. You weren't able to ask him anything. But after that, this situation took place. This room escape game Exotic Hotel Escape 2 by Eight Games will give you a constant flow of puzzles to solve and items to find.

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