Executive Room Escape Game

Executive Room Escape

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Try the luxurious room escape here everyone and enjoy! Executive Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Genie Fun Games. Best of luck to everyone.

The suite room that Dominic stayed-in was kind of different from the luxurious rooms he had been into, for the key is being used from both the outside and the inside of the room, it's a weird system for him, but he is already tired of pondering on it after his business meeting and he needs to rest. Morning came and Dominic realized he was close to overstaying, so he hurried-up so he can check-out before the allotted time is met, but he soon realized though that the fact that the door system was different in the place, that is going to be one of the factors contributing to the problem which Dominic just found-out.

Dominic lost the key for the room and he could not get himself out of there now! He thought of calling for assistance from the lobby but it proved not helpful for the line was somehow a dud. What in the world is going-on here Dominic whimpered, is this some sort of joke? Well whatever this is, Dominic must find his way out of the room without destroying anything, for destroying anything is quite barbaric and it could get him into more trouble there. Escape players, care to try the escape with Dominic and be the room's guest as well? Go ahead then, solve the problem and may you have fun with it!

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