Executive Residential Escape Game

Executive Residential Escape

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Randy's new home is very luxurious for him at least and very professional too, but there is a hidden puzzle there and he didn't really know about it until it got him into some trouble! Randy is on his first month of stay in the place and through the entire time, he had done a lot of things as well as buying a whole ton of appliances to really complement the house, but on that 1st month mark however a challenge surfaced and Randy was really given a tough time.

Randy was about to leave for work in-order to support his needs and add more stuff to the house for there are still a lot of things missing in the place, but then he couldn't for the doors in his house couldn't be opened mysteriously! Randy was confused why was this happening and he can't just destroy stuff so he can escape, will Randy be able to find-out what's going-on so he can escape without invasive maneuvers? Escape players, you can join Randy here on this escape from his luxurious house and see to it you don't destroy anything.

Join in the house escape adventure here everyone! Executive Residential Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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