Executive Residential Escape 2 Game

Executive Residential Escape 2
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Randy continued to find his way out of his own luxurious home and he is really trying his best not to destroy any doors but as time passes, he feels that his choices are all slowly going-down the drain and the last one is stopping him in doing so, and that is to continue finding another way out of there calmly. Randy went through most of the rooms in the house and on his attempt to escape, he keeps finding more rooms instead of a way out. At least there is progress, and hopefully soon he won't have to destroy one of his doors as a last resort just to get out.

Escape players, Randy is still looking for a way out of his house which he just bought recently, the weird locking of the doors thing is still very weird for him, that's because he was not given a heads-up about this by the previous owner of the place, well maybe this happening could be a first? Care to try out this house escape adventure here with Randy and see if you can all make it out safely? Place yourself on his shoes then in this 2nd sequel.

Executive Residential Escape 2 is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel.

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