Executive Office Room Escape Game

Executive Office Room Escape

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The new office is far more modern than the old one and was even cozier for there is a lounge and a few living-rooms there which the workers can go to on their breaks. It is not being used yet though for the place had just finished construction and on the next week the workers will move there so that they will have a taste of what they had been waiting for and the quality of their work then will increase. That day, Allen the chief officer is inspecting the place for everything that's there before the workers can move, it was all good and it's more than he had expected it to be at first, but something happened though as he moves around and this time it's not very good.

Allen got lost in the office and somehow trapped for some of the doors would not open and because he is alone there at the moment, he doesn't have help! Well technically he has, for he has his phone and all, but he wants to discover this himself so he can find-out what's the problem and why is he experiencing something like this right-now. Escape players, come and play as Allen here and see if you can escape the office as well.

Executive Office Room Escape is a brand new point and click complex escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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