Exclusive Apartment Escape Game

Exclusive Apartment Escape

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An escape adventure here is on! Come and give this one a shot and let's see if your skills as well as your logic are sufficient for this. Exclusive Apartment Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Ekey Games for 8b Games.

Dale just got a new apartment and actually it looked more like a luxurious house! He really was very satisfied with what he got here for he had expected something plain but because he had more money to spare, he just swam the waters and took the place to rent. Wonder why nobody rented the place? It is quite good and very convenient, they are missing quite a big deal here. Well as Dale began to make himself comfortable in the place however, he began to realize why nobody is occupying the apartment at the moment, for there was a catch to it.

Dale heard a pretty weird sound coming from somewhere and when he checked the doors for no reason, he realized that they were all locked! Dale was not told something about this and as time passes, he thought this could be the reason really why it was vacant. Escape players, Dale here has no idea what's going-on in this place, but you might have and maybe you can help him here. Find things then and clues which can solve this problem and escape before another unexpected thing happens.


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