Evil Spring Robot Escape

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Dory’s friend was able to create a robot which had 80% AI capabilities but as always it wasn’t perfect, it had some flaws and major adjustments plus the installment of some laws in its code for AI must not go without its set of laws engraved to it, or it will definitely do unintended things that can hurt people or any other living creature. And that day unfortunately that happened, but they were able to contain it though inside a room and now it is rampaging in there! That’s why Dory was called that day, for she knows a bit of coding and maybe she can fix this something which was now a little bit unsolvable for them.

Okay then escape players, the first thing Dory must do now that she is there is to free the robot. Now that sounded really dangerous but she has a plan, and because the door was locked without thinking that the key to it was actually missing, you all need to help her find it. Escape players, are you ready for at least this task? Go ahead then and help, trust Dory for she will do the rest when the robot is finally free. Be ready then.

Evil Spring Robot Escape is the newest point and click house escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Evil Spring Robot Escape

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