Evalie Color Room Escape Game

Evalie Color Room Escape

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Imagine in this game you are an alcohol addicted person who have been trying to get rid of this harmful habit for years but couldn't be able to reach outstanding results in it. One day you couldn't resist to drink a glass of spirit and it made you feel drunk soon. Unfortunately your daughter came to visit you this day and found you in this lamentable condition. At that moment she decided to help you better in order to make the process more effective. A couple of days later you were already in a hospital which situated in the middle of a forest in the mountains. When you arrived the fresh air made you little drowsy and you took a little nap in your room. When you got up it was time to go to the afternoon exercise with a trainer. You turned down the latch of the door of your room but appallingly found it locked. Search for different objects around the room and fit them together to escape. Have fun!



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