Euphoric Boy Escape Game

Euphoric Boy Escape

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Lance's friend is one enthusiastic boy, he tends to overexcite on things and most especially to the things he likes, that's why Lance visits him from time to time for his energy is always positive, he is always welcomed there as a guest as well for the boy said once he was a good friend to him. That day however as he visits the home of his friend, he realized there was a problem and of course nobody is happy about that.

Lance enters and he saw that his friend's mother was trying to get the door of his son's room to open, but she couldn't that's why Lance asked. His friend actually got trapped in his room and they both don't know how it happened! Even though his friend was quite smart, he doesn't have any answers as well what exactly occurred. Maybe this is a genuine jamming of the door and it really looks like it, of course Lance will try to help for he has at least some experience on prying doors open. Escape players, want to help on the problem as well? Place yourself on the shoes of Lance then and see if you can solve this and free his friend.

Euphoric Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

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