Estate Escape

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What Mark did that day is not the smartest thing to do, for he went to that private property in the wilderness even though he was told not to for like a hundredth time and well he quickly got the price of his actions. Mark roamed around in there and just a few minutes later, he got lost and he couldn’t navigate back! Mark is starting to get scared now for the sun will be setting soon and he came alone, that means he won’t get help from anybody other than himself. Lucky for him though, you escape players got his back, and to test your skills as well to escape from such a place, you will be tackling the challenge as well!

Escape players, there are random objects in the area and faint landmarks, but will you be able to make use all of those including every other thing you can find in-order to escape from there? Go ahead then give this one a go, see if you can do this successfully and help Mark who got himself in trouble there out as well.

Estate Escape is the newest point and click outdoors escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.