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Escape Y This Kolaveri

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Harry Potter is a parseltongue. That's when snakes interest you. However, anything that doesn't have to do with snakes in Harry Potter, you're terrified. Snakes abound in the mountains where you once lived. There was a time when your water stopped flowing. You wondered why and some of your colleagues went to find out why. However, the pipes were all connected. There was no leakage. You have gone very thirsty waiting for the water to return. And then when it finally flowed, you instantly filled your glass and drank. Later, someone informed you that the water tank had a snake inside. You've already had your fill of a glass of water with snake essence on it. Fortunately you didn't have an upset stomach. But still you were able to consume snake in liquid form.

After that, snakes freaks you out. If only you could be like Harry. Then one fateful day, you  volunteered in a snake center. You don't want to turn down this offer so you accepted. While doing your rounds, you noticed a snake without her eggs with her. However, it's missing. Even if you don't like snakes, you can't ignore this. Play Escape Y This Kolaveri outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games.

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