Escape With Santa

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Santa was about to leave this house after delivering some gifts in there, but he decided to give one more present and that is a beautiful Christmas tree for they don’t have one nor any other decor there in the rooms. Good thing Santa had with him some help who was this helper elf he brought with him. Okay, his magic cannot take care of this for he wanted to add some love on this gesture by placing the tree there and each and every decor by hand.

Okay then escape players, you will be playing as Santa’s helper here and the task was putting-up a Christmas tree there and then decorate it. The children of this house will be so happy when they see this, of course they will but for you and Santa here you need to be quick for not only any member of the family in this house could wake up, you both still have a time critical mission of delivering gifts to children around the world. Make this Christmas merry for this home and its inhabitants, and also finish this task as quickly as possible.

Escape With Santa is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Nsr Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape With Santa

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1 year ago

Well, until NSR learn to work with inventory, this command can only dream of being a real game maker. What’s the use of fresh ideas if items fall through your inventory?