Escape From Venice Hotel

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“A trip abroad! A stay in Venice Hotel!” you shout in glee as you read the letter from your friend. She wants you to be on a vacation with her. You have never been to the country she mentions so you’re excitement overflows. You instantly look through the online shopping sites to choose for the appropriate clothes to wear. So you browse through the selections as you imagine yourself walking in the iconic places. And you just can’t help but smile at the thought. Finally, you’re going to assemble your clothes and walk the streets like it’s a runway. Suddenly, your friend calls you. You’re thinking it’s about the trip and the details about it. And you are right. It’s about the trip but only to inform you that she can’t make it. However, your own trip is still a go.

So you push through with it. You can’t miss the opportunity to explore the places abroad. Even if it means that you’ll have to explore the hotel and place alone. Also with the possibility of being lost. But all of these are just a part of the adventure for you. Enjoy the place by playing Escape From Venice Hotel room escape game by Eight Games.