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Escape Tribe Girl
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A tribe girl wasn't in your picture when you imagined your glamping trip in this area. You were once a girl scout. You knew the basic stuffs for survival. However, that didn't mean that you wouldn't feel the pain on your bones when you sleep on the floor or bumpy ground. You also had a hard time being inside a tent. When it was hot at night, you opened it to let some air in. But it would also mean welcoming some bugs. Then when you slept inside a tent, it seemed like it affected your sense of balance. When you woke up in the morning, you would need to stabilize yourself for a few minutes. Or you would fall over the tent. They weren't easy experiences yet they sure were fun. However, you didn't want to go through the hassles again.

So when this facility opened, you immediately grabbed the chance to experience it. You liked staying outdoors and you'd like it more if there were proper facilities for kitchen and bathroom. You were preparing for a few nights stay there when you heard a girl's cry. It sent chills all over your body. But the more you listened to it, the more you realized it was just a cry for help. So off you went to help the tribe girl. Play Escape Tribe Girl outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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