Escape To Beach

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It’s now time for the beach! Nicole have spent all day in the house she rented for she was tired from the travel from home to there. But now that she is charged, she can finally leave the room and to the sands and the saltwater she goes! Well but first she needs to solve a problem for at the moment, she could no longer get out of the house mysteriously!

Nicole have absolutely no idea what happened there, she also thought she might have done something wrong which caused this, but she doesn’t have any involvement in this strange occurrence actually, still she needs solve this whatever this is for there’s nobody else that will help here and she is greatly affected at the moment. Escape players, want to help Nicole here solve this problem in her rented beach house before this gets worst and miss all of what she came for there? Hopefully it doesn’t get worst for it could be life-threatening!

Come and try this escape adventure here everyone, try to escape from the house and quickly too with your skills and logic. Escape To Beach is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Escape.