Escape The Thief From Abandoned House Game

Escape The Thief From Abandoned House

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You've been living in this neighborhood since you were young. Over the past few years, you never saw the owner of this big house across yours. The house is so huge and fancy. You can't believe that someone abandoned this place. Whenever you pass through the house, you always take time to look through the window. In there, you saw fancy things and expensive gadgets. But what caught your attention is the huge refrigerator. You can imagine how many food is in there. There might be something in there that you can eat. You thought of going in and grab any food before it expires. You found a way to get in and got everything in the refrigerator.

But while you were walking inside the house, you heard something. The door opened and you saw that the owner is home. This is just so awkward. All these years, the owner decides to go home while you are in it. You rushed to the door but it won't open. You have to find another way out of this house as soon as possible. Escape The Thief From Abandoned House is a brand new room escape game made by WoW Escape. Best of luck!

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