Escape The School Girl Game

Escape The School Girl

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The parents of a girl in the neighborhood is getting ready to take her to school but in the middle of it however, cops were called for the girl got into some trouble very quickly! Something happened in her room and it's actually trapping her in even though her parents had already tried as much to get the door to open, it seems the thing is made of steel or whatever, it's just hard to pry and that's why officers were called in the house.

One of the officers was Ethan and he really thought that this situation here is just going to be a normal one, getting out a trapped girl from her room but then when he tried it however, he began to understand why the parents called the cops. Ethan confirmed that indeed the door seems to be hard to budge open and it's like there is a vault door sealed within it! The parents doesn't know why the door was like that, but because they just moved in the place a year ago, they really can't explain what's happening. Well Ethan must make a move here now to get the girl out safely. Escape players, care to join in the rescue here for a trapped girl in the house with officer Ethan?

Escape The School Girl is the newest point and click indoor rescue game created by Games 2 Rule.

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