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Escape The Rabbit
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Your friend comes crying to you for help because she is in dire need of help. You try and ask her what is wrong but she just cannot stop crying. You decide to help her calm down. Afterwards, she explains the story of how her rabbit has escaped and is now missing.

Escape The Rabbit is fun and exciting point and click escape game made by Avm Games.

Your friend's pet of several years has escaped. She already tried looking for her pet but to no avail. She has approached you out of desperation. Seeing the look on her face, you cannot resist helping her. You tell her that everything will be fine and you promise to find her pet extraordinarily adorable rabbit.

Once you stepped foot into the forest, you find unfamiliar objects scattered about. You inspect closely and find out these are puzzles. It seems that your friend has tried her hand at solving the puzzles but eventually gave up because they are too complex. You feel intimidated at first but you cannot stand the thought of your friend crying her eyes out. She might even keep crying at night and that will keep you up all night.

Explore the forest for clues, point and click your way through elaborate puzzles, and help find the rabbit! Good luck!

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