Escape The Queen From Bird Game

Escape The Queen From Bird

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Ever since the queen got that bird which had now become her dearest pet, the queen had become contented and makes decisions more rational now as well as just, that benefited the people that she governs and she got that pet 3 years ago, which means the people's lives have become a little bit better in that timeline thanks to the queen's decrees. One day however, the greatest detective in the kingdom had been called and when the queen asked for him, everybody knew there was a problem and it was serious even for the queen. The detective too knew that something had happened and as a person who had already placed himself as a loyalist of the throne, detective Ernest responded with no hesitation to the queen's request.

The queen had called the detective for her beloved bird was lost and she thinks it is more of stolen than escaped! Well if the queen thinks that then Ernest will check if that is the case. Ernest doesn't have an easy job here, for it is an animal they are talking about and anything can happen as a result of the animal's thinking at the time. Escape players, care to help detective Ernest here in finding the queen's lost bird and probably rescue it? Go ahead and try then, search the castle grounds of that bird and do this quickly.

Escape The Queen From Bird is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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