Escape The Office Room Game

Escape The Office Room

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The office is really not a healthy sight especially when the work piles-up and the deadlines drawing closer. Right-now, everybody was at the meeting a few floors below but Benjamin was left alone at the office so he can finish the work given to him, he was already exempted from the meeting so that's why he's there. The work was a lot and Benjamin's mind could hardly keep-up, so he shut his eyes for a bit just to rest but he did not expect to really fall asleep!

Benjamin woke-up and he shot-out from his seat! That's because he didn't really mean to sleep. But he did it now for at least 20 minutes, he really needs to get some coffee outside. So he went-out to take a break and get himself a boost but he realized that he couldn't! Why? That's because when he tried the door of the office so he can leave, it seems to be locked and not just locked, but really locked! Benjamin thought maybe somebody locked it and they didn't know he was in the room? But he should be able to open it for he is inside, it could be jammed. Benjamin doesn't know what's going-on here but because he was the only employee witnessing this, he needs to solve it right-now. Escape players, want to help Benjamin here and see if your skills and logic can do this so?

Escape The Office Room is a brand new point and click room escape game released by Games 4 Escape.

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