Escape The Moho Bishopi

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The forest here is not quiet today and that’s kind of weird, so Kent tried to find-out what is happening and that’s when he heard the different sound coming from the forest. He followed where it was coming from and that’s when he saw a strange bird which was trapped in his own cage there that he set earlier!

This bird was not familiar to him at all and he thought, could this be a new species? Or maybe an extinct bird coming back from the dead? Well whatever this thing is he needs to free it, for that he is going to need to find his key so he can examine this creature and release it then. Escape players, Kent is having a difficult time trying to find his key, want to help him then so that he can open this cage?

Escape The Moho Bishopi is a brand new point-and-click bird escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Escape The Moho Bishopi

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