Escape The Helipad From Green Valley Game

Escape The Helipad From Green Valley

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You were warned a lot of times about flying the helicopter as you couldn't make it land in the helipad. However, you didn't want to waste what you learned. Your instructor wanted you to practice flying within the practice area. You had only been learning for a few weeks. And although you already memorized the functions behind each part of the aircraft, handling them was a different story. You already tried countless times to lift the helicopter from the ground. But your instructor was always alert in stopping you. You felt like he would never give you any opportunity at all. Just then, a good news reached your ears. Your teacher would be leaving for a while to attend an international training on the updates of aviation. You grinned as he told you about his absence and he wasn't grinning about it.

You didn't make any promises to him. As soon as he left, you rushed to the shed to take the helicopter in the sky. You were successful in lifting it off the ground and making it explore the skies. Then you found a valley you could land on. Everything was going well until it was time for you to leave. Play Escape The Helipad From Green Valley outdoor escape game by Online Gamez World.

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