Escape The Helicopter From Green Valley Game

Escape The Helicopter From Green Valley

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Your father had been training you to fly helicopters. You had your first helicopter ride when you were born. And your father had been flying with you ever since. High altitudes were not a problem. And you even survived some storms with him. There was even a time you had to spent three days on an island with just the resources you had before rescue came. However, all these happened with your dad beside you. You felt so secure when he was around that no matter the situation, it would all work out fine. Until one day, you had to fly the helicopter on your own. Your father wanted you to make some delivery of goods to a depressed area. He couldn't come with you as he had a different assignment. You told him how anxious you were. But he made a promise to be there for you always.

You took his promise to heart and flew your very own craft. The start was a bit wobbly but you were able to stabilize it. However, the weather became unpredictable. And you landed at a green valley. Trouble happened there and you had to find a way to escape. Play Escape The Helicopter From Green Valley outdoor escape game by Online Gamez World.


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