Escape The Girl From Terrible Ghost Game

Escape The Girl From Terrible Ghost

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Even though the forest is pretty lush and all, it is still a place not to be disturbed for there are horrors there and strange things which can really get anyone terrified and eventually, lost! That is the fate of some people who went there and others are even never to be seen for again, others came-out and vowed never to enter the place no more. One who entered before was Richard and he will never return for before, he went there with his friends and it's very sad that among the four of them, he was the only one who was able to escape. Richard have lost all hope for them for that happened decades ago, but one day he returned to remember and recall what had happened there for he knows he had moved on and the only thing he can do is commemorate. But that day however, he will be pushed to enter the vicinity of the forest once again, for a mother just came to him hysterical and she said her daughter is in the forest!

Richard at first was very confused why the woman's daughter was in there, then she told him the story that a ghost or some sort have captured her daughter and now she needs saving as soon as possible from it! Richard knew what she was talking about for he had been to such a situation, but he was really hesitating to go in for he barely escaped years ago, but a life is at risk here so will you help him escape players so that he and the girl can both escape the forest safely?

Escape The Girl From Terrible Ghost is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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