Escape The Deer From Dug Well Game

Escape The Deer From Dug Well

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You only have two reasons why you go to the forest. First is to relax and second is to get water from the well. Since you don't have enough water supply in your house, you went to this forest. However, it is not the water that you got in the well today. There is a deer in the well and you have to help him to escape. But the problem is, the well is too deep and the pail that you have to is not enough to get him out of there. Because of that, you have to move around the forest. Then, you must gather items that you can use for this rescue operation. The deer looks so afraid and he doesn't look so well inside the well.

The good news is, there are so many clues and hints around the place that can help you to save the deer. You must not panic too much because you need to focus and use your logic. On the other note, you still have to be quick because the deer might be in trouble inside that well. Play this outdoor escape game by WoW Escape and find a way to Escape The Deer From Dug Well. Best of luck!

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