Escape The Crystal Butterfly

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Deep into the enchanted forest is where Brandon is heading, that’s because he had been haunted by these visions about the crystal butterfly getting in trouble for days. This time though he gave in, that’s why he is heading to where the crystal butterfly can be found in this place right-now.

Brandon arrives and just as he thought, the crystal butterfly was trapped in some sort of crystal! It’s very ironic that the crystal butterfly is trapped in something which what the creature is called. But as Brandon sees, this is a problem and he must free the butterfly right-now. Escape players, the crystal butterfly is what keeps this enchanted forest balanced, without its presence the place will slowly wilt. Will you help Brandon here then rescue the crystal butterfly? Find things around then which can break the crystal without hurting the creature inside.

Escape The Crystal Butterfly is the newest point-and-click magical animal rescue escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape The Crystal Butterfly

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