Escape: The Convocation Day Game

Escape: The Convocation Day

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You wanted to surprise your best friend by decorating her apartment while she's working. So you borrewed the key from her sister and sneaked in. After finishing the decoration, you realised that the key is not working, and you can't leave. You noticed this is because of the security system of which you weren't aware. Search through the house for any clues or tools to deactivate the system and leave. Maybe you will find some strange things hidden in her room, but at least you will get to know her more and more. Even her secrets. Hurry up! You should leave before she arrives. Good luck!


  1. Date: May 7, 2015
    Author: Celaena
    Can't play this game. Every time you click on it, a new page opens up trying to get you to download some other game client. Bummer. [Reply]

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