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Escape The Cat
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You never feared cats and dogs. When you were younger, your father would always make these animals seemed friendly and harmless. However, he wouldn't let you pet them instantly. He just wanted to show you that you didn't have to be afraid around them. His words stayed with you until you grew up. But you just couldn't follow his rule of not petting them. Every time you saw dogs or cats, you'd call them your friend and reach out your hand to pet them. You may had been so lucky to not experience being bitten by any of them. They usually warmed up to you quickly. You felt like this was such a wonderful thing. But it seemed like a curse when you couldn't help but have pity on each creature who needed care. You'd be smiling when you see them but leaving them with a broken heart.

Most of the times, you'd contact a shelter to help the animals. But one time, you decided to do things on your own. You badly wanted to help a cat out. But you just couldn't barge in the property or you'll be in trouble. So you'd need a logical way to do so. Play Escape The Cat room escape game by Avm Games.

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