Escape The Boy From Thanksgiving Forest Game

Escape The Boy From Thanksgiving Forest

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As a guy who watches the grounds where the rich family lives and where he also actually works, Gunther knows that there are places not allowed to go which the sons and daughters of the madam and sire must take note. Gunther knows very well when one gets lost in the forest it's not always easy to get them out of there, Gunther has done it before and he never expected to do it once again that day!

It was thanksgiving once again and Gunther was out in the grounds when he heard his sire call for him. His sire told him that one of his sons are missing, it's the daredevil one and he cannot have done what Gunther thinks he did. It was thanksgiving that day and Gunther knows his sire's son is wearing unmistakably neon clothes which are not really good in camouflaging against the colors of the forest, that's if the son is even in the forest. Gunther was not wrong though for in his search in the forest, he found the missing son! It's a good thing that he did for now he can finally concentrate in getting him back to the house, for really the forest is not easy to navigate and Gunther is having a hard-time as well. Escape players, want to help Gunther here in the forest with his sire's son so they can return to the house soon? It's going to be an adventure and hopefully it's not a misadventure.

Escape The Boy From Thanksgiving Forest is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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