Escape Taco Shell Game

Escape Taco Shell

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The last time you ate taco shell was many years ago. You hadn't had since then. But your taste buds wouldn't easily forget something that tasted very delicious. You were already craving for it while still at work. It may distract some people. But this thought motivated you to get through all the work that needed to be done. Your main reward for the day would be numerous tacos of your choice. Your mouth watered as you thought of the various flavors that would soon be dancing in your mouth. You had a few minutes left and you exerted extra effort in your work until the clock showed the end of work. You immediately grabbed your coat and headed out to the best taco place. The smell of the fresh ingredients filled your nostrils as you waited for your order to arrive.

Then you finally saw the taco on your table and you heard the choir of angels sung. You couldn't help but just want more and more. The waiter filed a tall layer on your table. You worked through all of it. And only after doing so did you realize that you couldn't leave the place easily. Play Escape Taco Shell room escape game by Mouse City.


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