Escape Spooky Castle Game

Escape Spooky Castle

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After working as a janitor in the spooky castle, you're now one of the guides. You always hear the guides talking to their clients and you can't help but memorize their words. Then one day, one of the guides took a leave of absence without informing the group. The guests were already waiting and it's a rule to not cancel any tours. The management was already panicking as to who should take the tour. Then you presented yourself. They were doubtful at first. But you recited the information you memorized like they were your own words. The management was delightfully surprised and they let you handle the tour. Everything went smoothly that they decided to make you a part of the tour guides. That's how you started and until now you're guiding the tours inside the castle. It's not spooky to you anymore.

However, there are still times when you encounter strange things. Today, you meet a princess. She talks a lot about the history of the place like she's alive at that time. But during the conversation, you're feeling drowsy until you fall to the floor. And you wake up to find yourself locked inside the castle. Play Spooky Castle room escape game by Mouse City.

  1. Date: December 7, 2017
    Author: dewed
    The color codes were messed up. I had to watch the walkthrough to get it.

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