Escape from Secret House Game

Escape from Secret House

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Assume in this game you are an owner of a soft drink manufacturer who have been developing a new taste in order to lure more costumer and dedicate more people next to your brand. One day you had just entered to the supermarket when you did a frightful discovery. Your competitor had just put a new drink on the market and it attracted most of the people. Everybody had at least one bottle in their hands so you decided to taste it too. It was extremely delicious so it just boosted your disappointment. You decided to sneak into the house of the owner and try to steal the recipe of the beverage. The next night you were ready to fulfil your plan and got into his house easily. You were searching for the documents when suddenly the entrance of the house opened. You wanted to leave immediately but couldn't use the way you had come in. Find hidden objects and fit them together to sneak out unnoticed. Good luck!



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