Escape Sand Temple Game

Escape Sand Temple

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The sand temple only existed in Emerson's vivid dreams and it had been coming to him from time to time, he really wouldn't understand it in the end. In his dreams, Emerson would find the place sometimes filled with treasures but on other occasions it would just be sand, it would always be the same place though and eventually he called it the sand temple. One morning when he woke-up, he felt very strange, he can't distinguish what exactly it is but he knows there was something wrong. When he stood up he found himself in the sand castle and this time it wasn't a dream!

Emerson shot-up for he never thought he would be in the place for real! He was very confused how he got there for he is nowhere near a desert and this place, it became real! But Emerson asked himself how did he even get there? Did he teleported? This place is too impossible to be real for he only sees it in his dreams, he tried to make sense of things but eventually he decided to just find the way out. Escape players, Emerson is confused right-now and can't get his bearings well, will you help him by venturing around the temple and see if you can escape?

Escape Sand Temple is a brand new point and click ancient place escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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