Escape from the Room with 3 Color Stars 2 Game

Escape from the Room with 3 Color Stars 2
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Escape from the Room with 3 Color Stars 2 is japanese point and click escape game from Yomino Kagura. Assume you are a baby-sitter. One day you got a phone call. A kind woman said she found your advertisement on the internet and were interested about a one week charge to his son. You accepted her offer and the next day you were already in their house. The disobedience of the young boy was remarkable for you at first sight. When his mother left he immediately started to annoy you by making the opposites of your instructions. While you were cooking the dinner he prepared a mischief. He knew you were going to leave for an hour tonight to meet your best friend and he wanted to prevent it. When you wanted to leave you realized the door was locked and the keys were missing. The boy devised this in order to keep you at home and he hided the keys. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out somehow. Good luck!



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