Escape Reservoir Aquatic Game

Escape Reservoir Aquatic

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You have been to a lot of reservoirs. Your friend works in one and she allows you to visit her often. Likewise, you give donations for her cause. So the people that work there are just simply happy to see you. However, you want to see and experience a whole new reservoir. So you ask your friend if she can recommend other reservoirs worth visiting. And that's when you hear the about the reservoir aquatic. You instantly get excited with the thought that you'll be seeing a whole new world below the water. You smile as you travel to your destination. Little Mermaid may have shown you a world of fun under the sea but you may be able to experience it. So you go down deeper and start to see the colorful life underwater. You grin ear to ear as the music of undersea starts to play.

But what you find weird is that there seems to be no people around. Yet the door is just open so you easily go inside. You then see all the wonderful creatures of the sea. You can't help but adore each one of them. But then you're hungry. You're so excited to get there that you miss your meal for it. So you head for the door to leave, but you can't. You're now experiencing a whole new world but you need to leave. So play Escape Reservoir Aquatic room escape game by Ajaz Games.

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