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Escape Prisoner
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As much as you can't take injustices happening, sometimes you wish you can ignore it like everyone else. They seem to be having very peaceful life despite what's happening around them. But you just can't sit things out like them. You have to do something for you to sleep peacefully at night and maintain your energy. The moment you heard about George's situation, you wanted to immediately go to him and prove to all the people his innocence. Then again, you're working against a very established group of people who can easily get away with their crimes. You make it your life goal to put those people behind bars. But for now, you have to work stealthily until you can provide all the needed evidences to but them behind bars. So your focus is on helping George escape. You know it may put him into more danger.

Yet all will be forgiven if you can find the proof that will bring the bad guys down. And to do that, you need George's help. He just needs to be out of prison for your plans to work. After studying the prison for a few days, you know what to do to get him out of there. Play Escape Prisoner room escape game by Avm Games.

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