Escape From Prison 3 Game

Escape From Prison 3

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Oops. You failed to escape from the bank. The police caught you and you end up in jail. However, your mates also ended up in jail so no one can bail you out. You should not be in here because you don't know their plan. In fact, you just went with them without any idea. But ignorance is not an excuse to the law so you can't do anything to explain your side. But what you can do is to escape from the prison. You don't deserve to be behind the bars forever so you have to think of a way to break out of the prison. You have to stop to feel sorry for yourself and start to find something that you can use to escape. So roam around your cell and collect items that can be useful for your escape.

You have a great future ahead and that should not stop because of this. You believe that you are not guilty. So play Escape From Prison 3 room escape game from KNF Games and find clues that can help you to escape. You must get out from there as soon as possible so you can get help from your lawyer. Good luck!

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