Escape From Pleasant Blue House Game

Escape From Pleasant Blue House

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You and your friends were having a crazy game of finding a house by color. You had to stay in that house for at least a week before really moving in to the house you really liked. So you picked from the jar and the color blue appeared. To win the game, you needed to find a blue house and live in it right away. If you won, your friends would have to pay half of the price of the house you chose. And you would really want them to do it for you. It was not because you were angry at them. You just find it fun to see them doing it. So you entered your blue house and looked at its content. You were not so sure if you could really spend a few nights here. But you knew you needed to endure it for the bigger prize.

Your friends were having a hard time looking for their houses. Yet you were already settling down and enjoying the comfort of being the first. Your friends called for a short meeting to identify the winner. You were hurrying out the door. But as you grabbed the knob, it fell off. And door just wouldn't open. Play Escape From Pleasant Blue House is a room escape game by Online Gamez World.

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