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Escape Pirate
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You were on the beach for vacation. While you were staring at the sea, you remembered your dream about being a pirate. You want to ship out there on the sea together with the other pirates. That is just a funny dream for you to remember. You accepted the fact that it might not happen anymore. The only thing that you can do for now is to swim at the beach. Because of that, you went to the changing room to change into your swim gear. But while you were waiting at the line, you noticed something familiar. You saw an eye patch and a hook outside the door. From there, you confirmed that the person inside is a pirate. The thing is, he needs your help to escape. This might be your chance to be a pirate.

If you can help him out, maybe he can bring you with his expeditions. But before that, you first have to look for items that you can use to open the door. You also have to use your logic to solve the puzzles that you will encounter eventually. Escape Pirate is the newest room escape game by Avm Games. Good luck!

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