Escape for a Party Ship Game

Escape for a Party Ship

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Assume in this game you are a millionaire businessman who have been staying home for years because you have already managed to administer your company from home. One day all of your costumers made you angry as they decided to broke up their contracts with you. You were fed up with your life filled with stress and decided to take a long-term journey somewhere far from the familiar and bustling city. You traveled to the port and get on your yacht stocked up with food enough for a month then you left heading to the vast ocean. A couple of days later you got into a big storm and you were forced to use the engine on its maximum performance to avoid the high waves. Unfortunately it didn't endure this and stopped. You got stuck in the middle of the ocean alone. Find hidden objects on the boat and solve puzzles to find the emergency gun and fire up the flame with it. Good luck!



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