Escape From Paranoid Asylum Game

Escape From Paranoid Asylum

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Someone put you in the asylum and you believe that you should not be in here. You are not a paranoid. You don’t need this. They won’t believe that you can see a ghost and that you can communicate with them. You need to talk to someone who can see ghost too. It’s not fair so find your way to go out since they are not releasing you whatever you tell them. In this game created by Eight Games you need to go out of this paranoid asylum! Fight for your rights. Check out every place and be careful no one see you. Enjoy!

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  1. Date: August 8, 2016
    Author: Marijke
    The game isnot working [Reply]
  2. Date: August 9, 2016
    Author: al
    The eightgames used to be the most interesting and smart and visually appealing to me, followed closely by only a couple others I really find worth playing, but now very poor quality for at least a couple months. I especially don't like the new feature pop-up where you suddenly have to hunt for a list of 15 objects. In this puzzle, you get a board to put gems when you finish, but very often, it ends the game without having to do several puzzles or use every item. Either way, I dislike the feature and I wish they would stop it. I keep playing in case of a good game mixed up in the batch, but it's looking like the awesome artist who used to make the beautiful games I enjoyed is no longer employed at eightgames. A lot of the quality is gone, it is noticeable, and quickly losing interest for me. [Reply]

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