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Escape Ornate Citadel

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The royal residence or the Ornate Citadel is the place you want to visit the most. You are a fan of fancy things and Ornate Citadel is the fanciest resident in the world. Looks like luck is on your side because the royal family decided to open the palace for a public tour. It is a one-day tour so you did not think twice to go. This is your chance to roam around the Ornate Citadel so you really treasure every moment. You have your camera and everything that you need to document what you are seeing. This is the best day in your life. However, the tour is about to end. The palace's spokesperson announced that you only have a few minutes left to stay inside the Ornate Citadel. You ignored the announcement because this is your only chance to stay in the palace.

You are looking for the royal family when the gates closed. This is not a good sign because the guards are after you. You have to escape from the Ornate Citadel before the guards catch you. Collect items that you can use to unlock the gate and escape. Escape Ornate Citadel is the newest room escape game developed by Ajaz Games. Good luck and have fun!

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