Escape Or Die 2

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Well escape players, thanks to your help Nicholas was able to escape the place where he was trapped and his life might have pretty well depended on that. But this time we will be joining another person but she is in a different place though, where she was were a set of rooms and all were scarily and dimly lit.

The person who is in the challenge which their lives might be dependent on it was Beth. She is in these rooms which were very much scary and it feels and looks like something dark is living there. Escape players, Beth is seriously not comfortable in the place, but she needs to try and escape from there for that is the only way to get away from it. Okay now, will you help Beth here by placing the best of your skills and logic up-front so she can find her way out?

Escape Or Die 2 is a point-and-click timed room escape game created by Isotronic. This game is a part of the first one as its sequel. Escape from this locked room as fast as you can in order to survive.

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Walkthrough video for Escape Or Die 2

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1 year ago

What kind of countdown is this?! I can’t stand 8B for that reason either! Quests are for the smart, not the fussy!