Escape : Old Age Game

Escape : Old Age

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Escape : Old Age is a point and click escape game in which there is an old man. He has a son who is raising his grandson alone and sometimes needs his help. Same was this weekend, when he had to go to the office and there was no one to take of the little boy. So the old man offered to stay with the boy, while he was at work. But one he arrived at their house, he realized he forgot his medicines. As he is an old and sick man, he really needs to take them. So now he is ready to go after them, but unfortunately forgot where are the house keys. Help him find the keys and escape to get the medicines. Good Luck!



  1. Date: March 29, 2015
    Author: absyntheminded
    if only it was this easy to escape old age in real life! [Reply]

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