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Escape Of Ziga

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To Ziga's family, friends and teachers, he is a strange boy. To those who belong to the Hawkeye Mystery Club, Ziga is a genius problem-solver. College students from a prestigious university recruited Ziga to join their club. They chanced upon Ziga's talent when he helped a member's sibling locate a stolen bike. The current club president gave him an assignment that would further test his logic and wit.  Ziga is to solve the mysterious disappearance of the Hawkeye Mystery Club's founding member, Enoch Muller. Rhea Velure, the club president, took Ziga was to Enoch's old apartment blocks away from the university.

Enoch's relatives maintained the apartment in his absence. They specifically enlisted the assistance of the well-known club because they knew how much it meant to Enoch. Mr. Kyle Muller, Enoch's uncle, had arranged for the club to try solving his nephew's whereabouts. He wanted closure for the whole family. Most of all, he wanted to conclude what truly happened to his nephew. Upon arrival at the apartment, Ziga almost jumped for joy. Surely enough, the place is a true puzzle-lovers dream come true! His instincts tell him that it's going to be quite an adventure after all.


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