Escape Mysterious Botanical Garden Game

Escape Mysterious Botanical Garden

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There was a shop in the city where a mysterious botanical garden was found. You hadn't been inside but you always passed by it on the way to work. You had no idea what was stopping you from visiting the shop when you were very curious about it. Just then, your phone rang. Your friend asked you a favor of buying some enchantments from the shop you were curious about. A smile grew on your face. You felt more comfortable knowing you'd be there for a reason. The shop had a dim light which made it mysterious. You looked around for other customers. But the peak hours must be over since there was only you inside. You called out to the owner for assistance. There was no answer though. So you moved deeper into the shop until you reached an open door.

Some of your friends were checking out the plants there. You felt relieved knowing you were not alone. The garden had plants you couldn't name. These kept you spending a long time in the garden. Then you remembered about the enchantments your friend asked you to buy. You turned around to see yourself alone in the garden. Play Escape Mysterious Botanical Garden outdoor escape game by Escape 007 Games.

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