Escape Mech Fortress

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You feel safe because of this mechanical fortress. You are very confident with the strength of this fortress. Fortresses are used on the early eras and they seem very effective. Because of this, no one can easily invade your privacy and nobody can get in easily. However, this is also the reason why you can’t get out from this room. You really have to leave this room but you are finding it hard to open the door because of the fortress. This is because of over security but you can’t really blame anyone but yourself. You are so paranoid with the thieves and this is the result of it. You don’t have a choice but to find another way to escape from the room.

Good thing that there objects in your room that you can use to unlock the door. Also, there are clues around the room that can help you with your escape plan. However, all of that would be useless if you don’t use your logic. You have to think critically to make this escape successful. Escape Mech Fortress is the newest room escape game from Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Play this exciting point n’ click escape game and use your logic to escape. Good luck and have fun!