Escape Martian Planet

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You never believe that there is life outside the Earth but all of that turned around. You are in this Martian Planet with the help of a rocket ship. This thing never came to your mind. At first, you thought that you can only see these Martians on tv but now, you are with them. Thankfully, they are kinder than what they project on tv shows. In fact, they are willing to guide you back to Earth. There are many items in this planet that you can use to escape. However, there are puzzles in this place that you need to solve before you can completely get away from here. Usually, only Martians can solve these puzzles but you should not worry too much. With the help of the clues around the planet, you can surely solve those too.

You just need to use your logic to finish each and every puzzle. This might be a good planet but you don’t belong here. You have to find a way to escape from here and go back to Earth quickly. Play this brand new outdoor escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City and use your logic to Escape Martian Planet. Good luck!