Escape Lockdown Game

Escape Lockdown

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Everybody is in the house for lockdown had finally commenced and everyone is advised to stay indoors until a specific time. The house is packed than normal days and Earl just keeps himself in his room playing video games. After a while though, there seems to be a ruckus downstairs and as Earl tries to hear it, looks like everybody is going crazy! Earl came down from his room and asked what was going-on, he then came to know that everyone is trapped inside the house for the doors would not open!

Earl saw that his father could not open the doors as well and it's like somebody sealed them from the outside. Wonder what could be going-on here? Pondered Earl, as a person who was pretty good with mysteries and solving stuff, Earl decided to be on to this problem and find-out what's really going-on before this thing gets worst. Escape players, how will you solve such a problem here if you are faced with the same situation? Play as Earl here then, come and test your skills here and be ready for anything, keep your eyes open for clues which can potentially answer this problem.

Escape Lockdown is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Selfdefiant.

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