Escape Landing Pad Game

Escape Landing Pad

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Your friend recently knew how to fly a private plane. He knew you would be interested with what he did. So he invited you over. Your other friends were there too and they were waiting by the plane. You looked at the plane and imagined yourself holding the controls. You must have been so lost in your thoughts. Your friend had to nudge you. He looked at you with a little smirk then invited you for a ride. And you just couldn't say no. So you got inside the plane and it took off. The scenery was stunning as the skies began to darken with the approaching of the night. Then everything went black. The last sensation you felt was that you were very high up in the sky. It was strange that you didn't feel the fall at all.

You woke up at the landing pad. No one was there anymore when you opened your eyes. Then suddenly you remembered that you were in the skies a few moments ago. So you slowly moved every part of your body hoping nothing was out of its place. However, everything seemed to be in its proper place. You got up. And tried calling out to your friends. But you got the feeling that they just wouldn't be there. Play Escape Landing Pad room escape game by Mouse City.


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